Tarot cards

A big curvy women, wearing loads of jewelry, stone rings and big bracelets, sitting around a big round table and hovering over the cards is what we imagine when we think about tarot card reading. This fabricated image is, in reality, not true. This is how it is portrayed on the media. In reality, tarot card readers are individuals who wear normal clothes, and those who do wear such costumes, it is because that is what differentiates them from other people.

Some people consider tarot reading as bizarre and something that is far from reality. These people are of the view that anyone can pick up those cards and interpret them. So why should we pay money to these psychos.

In reality, tarot card reading is not as simple as it might look. Although it is just a bunch of cards with simple images, which a person chooses at random, but their interpretation is what matters. And not everyone has the ability to do so.

Tarot Cards not essentially tell about the future. They give a glimpse into one’s own self and thus help the person in understanding his or her own self. When a person goes for this, he mostly has some questions that he wants to get answers for or he might be stuck in his life and do not know what to do next. At these times, these readings help a person to look into his own self and find answers. One may say that then why go to them when it is you who have to do all the work. But to be honest, we sometimes need someone to point us in the right direction and that is what Tarot Card reading does for people who believe.

Fortune Tellers

Every year at New Year’s time, when many people are busy in shopping and making resolutions, there are some believers who seek Fortune Tellers to know how their new year will be like. These individuals are the ones who believe in magic and often seek guidance from fortune tellers before doing any important work or before taking any important decision of their life.

Fortune tellers not only tell about what will happen in future, some also tell a person about what he is facing in his life at that moment. People, who believe in them, do all their work according to the things that they are told.

There are many who do not believe in them and thus consider them to be a fraud. To some extent they are right because there is no proper channel through which one can learn this science. Also, there is no way to justify or prove what these people tell. People go to them as a leap of their faith and to be surprised, many people get to know what they actually have been facing in their life.

Therefore it cannot be said that these individuals are fraud. If you ask them about how they are qualified for this, they mostly tell that this gift runs in their family or that they are the chosen ones and have been seeing images of future since their childhood.

Apparently, nothing changes when the clock strikes 12 at midnight but for these believers who visit them on New Year’s Eve, it does and the glimpse of future that they see is the one shown by these Fortunes tellers. 

Spiritualism: A Science, A Philosophy Or A Religion?

Spiritualism has been defined in many different contexts. It is derived from the word Spirit which means an entity which cannot be touched or seen by the naked eye. Therefore many people, who understand Spiritualism, define it according to their own understanding. Some of the main approaches of defining spiritualism state the following.

Spiritualism as a Science:

people consider Spiritualism a science because just like science, it tries to find out the truth of life and its existence. It investigates the meaning and purpose of life and then gathers facts to justify its assumptions.

Spiritualism as a Philosophy:

These people consider Spiritualism as a way to define life and the purpose behind this universe. They study the manifest as well as the latent function and purpose of life and whatever goes on in life. They consider everything to be meaningful and that each thing has a special role to perform. Some do it openly while others do it in isolation. These people consider life as a gift from God which is temporary and believe that their souls will continue to live even after their body will die. They believe that they are sent to this earth to fulfill a mission and when that mission is done, they will die as their body is no longer needed.

Spiritualism as a Religion:

Some people consider spiritualism as a way of communicating with the Creator. They try to understand the laws which govern this universe and its functions. These people consider spiritualism as a part of religion which is essential in order to fully practice their religion.


The Other Side of Human Body: Spirits

Some people believe that our bodies are two folded. One is the outer part which is the physical body that we can see and touch. And then there is another body which we call Spirit or Soul. Spirits are an unseen, untouchable entity that resides in our bodies. It can only be felt. But not everyone can have that ability.

There are only a few people who are blessed with the power to see the unseen. These are the ones who are born with the power to feel the presence of spirits. Here I must add, some spirits continue to roam this world even after their physical bodies have deceased. Some say it is because they have some unfinished businesses left on this world so they stay in this world until that work is being done. Some are of the view that they are the ones who died in brutal conditions and now have not been able to find peace. These are the spirits which sometimes become revengeful and thus start attacking people for seeking vengeance.

These bad spirits are the ones that some times possess other humans, making them do their dirty work. In such cases, it then becomes very difficult to save living humans from the possession. This is where those special individuals come in. These individuals thus chant religious verses and do special rituals through which they perform exorcism on the possessed and try to bring peace to the spirit as well. Not every person can do this. Only these spiritual healers can do this job as they are considered to be the chosen ones.